Brief Biography

I was born in Porto, Portugal and I live in Senhora da Hora, a small town in Matosinhos, Portugal.

Using my software engineering and artificial intelligence (AI) background, I design, implement and deploy medium to large scale software systems, using agile methodologies and AI paradigms and techniques, including: distributed multi-agent systems, reinforcement learning and optimisation (evolutionary algorithms). Currently, also starting to work as a Machine Learning engineer (MLE), learning how to deploy and maintain ML models.

Currently, at ISS Tech Team I’m a Machine Learning Engineer in the Adanced Analytics team with the role of machine learning platform solutions ownwer.
To fulfil the team’s gole I work with LLMs (using Langchain and Langserve), Python, PySpark, Databricks, Dataiku, Airflow, Azure Portal, Terraform, Azure DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, among others.

Previously, at Farfetch, I was a Machine Learning Engineer in the Rankings team with the role of developing machine learning solutions that create rankings for Farfetch and other tenants.
To fulfil the team’s gole I work with Python, PySpark, Databricks, Airflow, Azure, Terraform, Jenkins, Docker, CI/CD, PyTest, MLOps, and MLflow.

Also at Farfetch, I was a Senior Software Engineer, responsible for developing Microservices using .Net Core and the following techniques/tools: Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, Cassandra, SqlServer, MongoDB, Redis, Hangfire, ElasticSearch, BigQuery,, Jira.

I was a software engineer and the Datakink (ACARS) Programme manager at TAP Air Portugal, responsible for software projects related with airline operations control and flight operations. Leading such an extraordinary team of engineers, besides contributing to a better leadership, allows me to contribute to different projects, from vision to a full deployed system, useful for all the company-wide users.

Please check my Software Engineer page for more information about my experience.

I perform short to medium term research on AI related fields and I use the outcomes to improve existing products or create new ones. As such, I am a pro bono researcher on Intelligent Systems at LIACC.

Please check my Research page for more information about the topics and projects related with my research activity.

I am a co-founder, CEO and Head of Operations and Development at Masdima, a company created after the research performed during my PhD which is a University of Porto spin-off.

I like to share knowledge and help others to achieve their potential. I am a Guest Assistant Professor at Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, and at ISPGaya. These are fantastic opportunities to help my students in reaching their goals. It helps me too, because teaching is the best way to learn.

I want to contribute to a more useful, responsible and trustworthy artificial intelligence and my PhD and MSc on artificial intelligence and intelligent systems, help me to achieve this goal.

I am passionate about space exploration and I believe that AI already is, and will be even more, a huge contribution to this endeavour.

I speak Portuguese (my native language), English and French and I have a special interest in cutting edge technologies. I also like photography, cinema and reading.

My main personal characteristics are: vision, pragmatism and goal oriented. I also think that I’m good at managing and leading people. But it is better to ask to my colleagues for this one. 🙂

Summary of my education and professional experience:

  • Pro bono researcher at LIACC-Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science – Distributed Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Simulation Group, since 2004.
  • Guest Assistant professor at University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering, since February 2022
  • Guest Assistant professor at University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering, from October 2006 to March 2011.
  • Guest Assistant professor at ISPGaya, since October 2021.
  • Machine Learning Engineer at ISS Tech Team since 2023/11.
  • Machine Learning Engineer at Farfetch from 2023/06 to 2023/10.
  • Software Engineer at Farfetch from 2022/01 to 2023/06.
  • Software Engineer at TAP Portugal from 2001 to 2021.
  • MASDIMA, Lda Co-founder, CEO and Head of Operations & Development since August 2014.
  • PhD in Informatics Engineering (Artificial Intelligence) from University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering since July 2013.
  • Postgraduate in Air Transport Operations from ISEC since 2008.
  • Post-graduation Course (attended) in Astrobiology from New University of Lisbon and ESA (European Space Agency) since 2008.
  • Master Degree in Artificial Intelligence in University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering (Blog related with my research) since 2007.
  • Web Application Developer at I2S – Informática Sistemas e Serviços, from 2001 to 2002
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer in Windows 2000 since Jan 2001
  • BsC in Informatics Engineering from ISEP, Porto in 1995
  • Software Engineer, Network Administrator and Crew Manager in TAP Portugal, Porto Base, from 1990 to 2001